How it all began at Rhoose.


Regardless of its modern beginnings, in 1969 Rhoose was the first club on the South Wales coast to host a swimming gala. And, due to the talented swimmers in its squad enjoyed notables success in the Reel and Line competitions.

In 1981 Rhoose entered its first World Championships in Bali and has represented at many since in countries such as Hawaii and Australia.


In 1984 the club won the Welsh Championships and can boast numerous wins in the Welsh and British competitions, with junior and senior club members representing on both surf lifesaving teams. The club's nipper squad has also enjoyed considerable success.

With over 120 members, Rhoose continues to excel in competitions. Its junior squad is currently the top junior squad in Wales, with the club coming third overall at the 2005 Welsh Championships.

Affiliated with the Surf Life Saving Association of Wales
and the Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain

Registered Charity: 1039093
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